Berwyn Feshami


Drool runs down the scraggly chin of this almost skeletal figure as he lets out a bone-chilling raspy laugh, an array of blades, tongs, and other disturbing, well-worn tools clang together, dangling from a bloody work apron as he moves towards you, his piercing, violet eyes never leaving the bright trail of blood he carved into his victim.


Berwyn Feshami is a mass murderer, known for particularly brutal and savage atrocities he committed on the citizens in the slums of Drazan.

He fled the city when authorities were getting close to finding him and joined Lord Ruud where his extraordinary expertise with pain were quickly put to use on Imperial soldiers brought to him in the safety of Lord Ruud’s Champions territory.

Berwyn Feshami was killed by Francis McCloud at the Fight for Kombarov Ridge.

Berwyn Feshami

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