Lord Espen Ruud


Almost 7 feet tall, Lord Ruud is a massive man with a thick fur cloak wrapped around ornate metal armour. An ugly scar runs down the left side of his twisted, sneering face, and the right is warped and distorted from severe burns received at Kombarov Ridge.


The Mad Lord Espen Ruud is the leader of Lord Ruud’s Champions, a group of warriors dedicated to fighting the Imperium.

Ruud is under the belief that the Emperor of Man is no deity, and that to raise him on such a pedestal is an affront to the true deities, in particular Pelor. The church of Pelor as well as it’s clerics and paladins do not support this claim, but Lord Ruud had a house in high standings, as well as a powerful and commanding personality. Many bandits, lawbreakers, deserters and sub-humans join the Champions to strike out against the Imperium in force.

Lord Espen Ruud was burned and scarred by the efforts of Magus and Simo Häyhä at the Fight for Kombarov Ridge,

Lord Espen Ruud

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