Battlefield Population

Players have the opportunity for their character to call out a feature of the battlefield.

I want to take advantage of the versatility of not having map-making, and get players involved in the process, so at any time on another players turn you can call out a feature that can affect the players move, for example “Eklek!tik shouts out a warning to take cover behind that tree!” the player can then choose to use said feature wherever it would benefit them, and if they choose not to, it simply becomes a feature in the area. This cannot be discussed beforehand, it needs to be a spur of the moment decision.

The catch is, for every benefit, there needs to be a negative. A negative is created, again at any time, by anyone other than the person who’s turn it is. An example being, “‘Watch your footing on those rocks!’ cries Laele’aell”. The player may then take a penalty/health loss/skill check unless they take movement around it.

This is a strict back and forth deal, and the features need to be relatively balanced in severity, and appropriate for the area.

Benefits can provide bonuses and favourable conditions, but cannot directly circumvent obstacles, and the DM has the right to veto any beneficial or negative feature.

Battlefield Population

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