Firearm Customizations

Balanced Multi-barrelled:

Most standard firearms are built with a single barrel. This customization adds one or
more additional barrels to a standard firearm, increasing the number of shots that can be
fired by the weapon either consecutively or simultaneously. Each barrel added has a
separate firing mechanism that ties into a clockwork action. This allows the person firing
the gun to fire all the barrels of the weapon at once or to fire them in sequence. Most
balanced multi-barrelled firearms have a side-by-side barrel configuration. Some have a
triangular “clover stamp” configuration for three barrels, or an over-under four barrel
Each barrel added increases the weight of the weapon by 30% of its original weight and
costs an additional 75% of the weapon’s original cost.

Ghordson Breechlock:

A weapon converted to the Ghordson Breechlock can no longer accept standard firearm
ammunition. Instead it fires a specially prepared ammunition packet consisting of a brass
sabot and a sachet packed bullet within the sabot. When fired, the sound is expelled by
the sabot remains in the breech. When one opens the weapon to reload, a specially
converted clockwork trip in the firing action kicks the sabot from the breech, allowing the
person bearing the firearm to slide another custom round into the weapon.
The result is a fast-loading firearm that does not require a munitions check to reload, and
only takes a single standard action to do so, The downside is the breechlock is a complex
mechanism that requires cleaning (a full-round action) after every five shots or it no
longer fires accurately. Each time a round if fired from a breechlock weapon that has not
been cleaned, it suffers a -2 accuracy penalty and there is a cumulative 10% chance
(maximum 90%) the firearm will jam. A jam requires a DC 15 munitions check to clear
the fouled and useless round and an additional DC 10 munitions check to reset the
firearm’s clockwork action.
The conversion costs 300 gp per converted barrel (the whole firearm must be converted)
and requires an extensive reworking of the firing action of the weapon. The ammunition
cost increases to 4 times the standard costs for ammunition for the weapon. The brass
sabots are recyclable after firing (jamming ruins them). But loading them still incurs a
cost of 2 times the regular costs of ammunition.

Accuracy Customization:

Precision bored and refitted, a firearm with the accuracy customization grants the wielder
a +1 attack bonus that stacks with the bonuses provided by masterwork quality, precision
ammunition, and the Weapon Focus and Greater Weapon Focus Feats. Cost: 300 gp/

Barrel Baffle:

This odd cylinder attaches to the end of a rifle barrel. Filled with a fine, alchemical
powder spread throughout several small compartments, this device muffles the rifle’s
report when fired. These devices have only been successfully designed for rifles and have
some drawbacks. While the baffle does dissipate the bulk of the noise made when firing a
rifle, making it almost impossible to locate a concealed shooted based on sound alone, it
also shortens the rifle’s normal range increment by 30 feet. Each baffle is useable ten
times before the alchemical powder must be replaced. Attaching a barrel baffle to a rifle
is a standard action. Barrel baffles cannot be used while a bayonet is attached to the rifle.
Cost: 40 gp per baffle, 15 gp to replace the powder (Craft [alchemy] DC 12)

Embellishment Customization:

Custom engraving or filigree can be added to a firearm to enhance its appearance. The
cost varies depending on the detail required. Cost 10-200 gp.

Lightweight Customization:

By skimming the barrel, and trimming away excess wood and metal, the lightweight
customization reduces the weight of the firearm by one-third. Cost 120 gp.

Scope Customization:

Precisely mounted on top of a firearm, the scope is essentially a small spyglass providing
double magnification, and reducing the Range Increment Penalty from -2 to -1 in the
process. Cost 75 gp.

Firearm Customizations

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