In For Death and Glory, we will be using Team Initiative.

That is, each side in a conflict will roll their initiative, and average the score (rounded down). The group with the highest score will have their turn first, in the order of initiative within the group.

In team A, Logan rolls a 13 for initiative, Brad rolls a 7, Adam rolls a 9, and Peter rolls an 18.
In team B, Orc 1 rolls a 19, Orc 2 rolls a 4, and Gnoll 1 rolls a 6.

Team A has group initiative of 11

Team B has a group initiative of 9

The initiative order would then be

Peter (18)
Logan (13)
Adam (9)
Brad (7)
Orc 1 (19)
Gnoll 1 (6)
Orc 2 (4)

Players are responsible for totalling and arranging their own initiatives, and then sending the information to the DM.


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